Lessons To My Younger Self-Part 4


Pursue Wholeness Not Formulas

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Every couple has a different story.

  • Some people met their spouse while they were steeped in sin.
  • Others met “the one” when they became more active in church.
  • Some met their intended, one year after the date they wrote a prayer of surrender in their journal.

What am I trying to say?

You will find love when you are looking for it, but you may find it when you’re not.  You may find love when you are living at your best, but God may allow you to meet your spouse when you are at your worst.

There is no formula.

To clarify, I don’t think that people are trying to be glib when they give advice. In fact, most are trying to be helpful. However, I think people speak from their experiences or they speak phrases that they’ve heard others say and then try to apply those generalities to the single people in their lives.

So…what am I trying to say?

Be whole.  Be a whole person.

Pursue the Lord. Pursue your passions. Form friendships with people of the same sex and people of the opposite sex. Pursue friendships with people who are married and people who are single. And yes, if you don’t feel called to singleness (whether for a season or a lifetime), look for opportunities to increase activities where you can interact with like-minded people.

In all your ways acknowledge Him. Learn to believe in the goodness of God when times are good and when times are hard.  But in those times of hardship, know that God has compassion for you. And know that you are not meant to carry life’s burden by yourself. (Galatians 6:2)

Life is a journey, but regardless of your relationship status, learn to live daily for the glory of God.
And that, my friends, are the lessons that I would tell my younger self.

CS Woman


Lessons To My Younger Self-Part 3



(To read the first part of the series, go to Part 1, Part 2.)

Serve Christ. Period.

Regardless of whether you are married or single, God may call you to church ministry, to volunteer, become a professional break dancer, etc. The possibilities are endless. 🙂

However, when it comes to singles, a number of us are encouraged to see this time as an opportunity for undistracted service to the Lord.  This idea is true and it’s biblical, but pointing out this truth may actually cause singles to focus on the wrong thing.

I am called to follow and serve Christ not because I am single.  I am called to serve Him because I am a Christ follower.  If my singleness allows me to serve in a different capacity than the married couples around me, that’s great, but my singleness should not be the motivation for my service.

Overall, I wish more people would have encouraged me to serve God. Period.

So that’s my challenge to you. Today, how is God asking you to serve?

To be continued…Part 4