I’m Only Good At Being Young*

So, I turned 40 this year.

I knew it was coming, but it still was a little jarring.  Plus, it doesn’t help that I’m surrounded by people who were born the same year I GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL. (I work in higher education.)

It’s also funny how people say that they feel young at heart, like a 16 year old trapped in an “old” person’s body.  But I disagree. I feel every inch of my 40 years. Some days, I feel even older. :/ (I’ve been struggling with some health issues for a while, but I’m hopeful that I’m on the upswing.)

Perhaps in the future, I’ll write more about my thoughts on hitting middle age. But in the meantime, I’ll share this clip from Jamie Foxx about getting older.

*The title was taken from a lyric from John Mayer’s song, Stop This Train.

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  1. Jamy

     /  April 24, 2018

    He’s hilarious! Good to see the fun side of life as we age 🙂

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