Water Fitness: A Hidden Gem

I’m finding that as I get older, my body is becoming  like a temperamental poodle that needs to be coddled and handled with care. However, since I’d like to keep physically fit, I’ve realized that I need to strike a balance between “feeling the burn” and feeling like something’s about to break.

Luckily, a while ago, I discovered the joys of water aerobics. At first glance, water aerobics may not sound too strenuous, but with the right instructor and/or exercises, you’d be surprised at how effective a workout it can be. Not to mention, it’s a lot of fun and easier on the joints.

So, if you’re inclined to try water fitness, check out your local gym or rec center to see if they have any classes.

To give you a sneak peek and some ideas, here are some of my favorite workout videos.

Enjoy. 🙂