Around The Web: Living with an STD


Some might say that there are a few topics that go unmentioned in a typical church service.  One of those topics could easily be a discussion about what it’s like to live with a sexually transmitted disease or infection (STD/STI).

Despite the overall reticence to talk about STDs, I’ve had a few friends who’ve been willing to drop the veil and share their stories. I am humbled by their candor and honesty.

To that end, there may be some who share this experience and struggle with shame & regret. So,  I wanted to share a few stories from around the web that I hope will give you peace and comfort.

*If you have been or are sexually active, please get tested.

The Good Women Project-Dealing with STDs in marriage

Christianity Today-I Knew I Wasn’t Alone

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  1. Jessikajane

     /  March 20, 2013

    I think a related post that might be worth exploring is what single Christian women can do when they are dating and had previously experienced sexual abuse. Yet another area where most churches don’t address or provide ministry.

  2. Nicole L Taylor

     /  March 20, 2013

    This is such a good topic. So is the one that Jessikajane mention. Keep it coming!

    • Nicole L Taylor

       /  March 20, 2013

      The face of HIV/AIDS is increasing exponentially in Black/African American females. This needs to be discussed in the churches. My church does a big push to get people tested and was part of a multi-church initiative to get people tested. They ended up with the most testings in a single day in Austin Texas. Sadly, that number was in the 300’s. People are perishing from a lack of knowledge.

      • When it comes to STDs, I think a lot of people think it will happen to someone else. I agree, more people should be tested and be encouraged to do so. I had a relative die of AIDS, so I know that the danger is real.

    • Thanks Nicole


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