Hear This-Teach Me To Know

The Lone Bellow: The Lone Bellow

The Relevant Podcast never fails to supply me with a continual roster of amazing artists. The band, The Lone Bellow, is no exception to that list.

One of my favorite songs from their self-entitled album, The Lone Bellow, is “Teach Me To Know”.




Around The Web: Living with an STD


Some might say that there are a few topics that go unmentioned in a typical church service.  One of those topics could easily be a discussion about what it’s like to live with a sexually transmitted disease or infection (STD/STI).

Despite the overall reticence to talk about STDs, I’ve had a few friends who’ve been willing to drop the veil and share their stories. I am humbled by their candor and honesty.

To that end, there may be some who share this experience and struggle with shame & regret. So,  I wanted to share a few stories from around the web that I hope will give you peace and comfort.

*If you have been or are sexually active, please get tested.

The Good Women Project-Dealing with STDs in marriage


Christianity Today-I Knew I Wasn’t Alone


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