Chronicles of a Missionary-My Journey To Peru


Meet Letty

I have known CS Woman for a number of years and much more personally within the last few. I’ll try to keep this from getting too lengthy, as my 30+ years of life have been full-hahaha…

Currently, my family (husband, 3 children) and I are living in Peru serving as missionaries, bringing healing to the broken systems of education and religion.

Where I Came From

I grew up in Southern California in a home with both parents and three siblings. About the time I was in junior high, my parents were having troubles, so they reached out to some friends, who led them to a very good Bible teaching church. From then on, I spent my weekends and vacations learning more about the God I always knew existed, but finally, I was able to know Him better and more personally. Life was peaceful.

Unfortunately, by the time I turned 19, curiosity got the best of me. After a few too many parties and too many boyfriends, I found myself pregnant, unwed, jobless, without an education and well… lost. I think I had convinced myself that I could have my cake and eat it too by doing all the things other people my age were doing, while still going to church playing the “good girl” role.

However no person can serve two masters, either you’ll serve yourself and do what you think is fine and fulfilling or you’ll serve your Creator who knows you better than any other person alive. (Matthew 6:24)

I came to the realization that I was serving myself.  I thought that I was trusting in God for my future, but in reality, I was still clinging to my desires and even my insecurities.  In short, I had made a mess. After hitting rock bottom, I knew that I needed to truly surrender to God.

So, I made a decision to take care of my child the best I could (by getting some schooling and a decent job). I also learned to focus on knowing God so well that I could hear His voice leading me instead of my own. 

Fast Forward To Today

God restored my situation. During a time of separation from the father of my child, I grew stronger in my relationship with God. It was during this time that my ex became a Christian. Eventually, we started dating and then decided to get married.  I’ve now been married for almost 11 years and two more children have been born to us. My story doesn’t end like most people’s but it sure did begin the same way…

For 4 consecutive years I trusted in man after man to make all my insecurities go away, to make me feel loved, and to make me feel beautiful. But the truth is that even though I am married to a man who loves God and our family more than his own soul, a man who is my absolute BFF, I still can feel lonely. Sometimes, I still feel like I’m not good enough and I still feel unloved. But now I know that whether single or married, life has its challenges.

Advice To My Younger Self

If I could do things over again at the ripe old age of 18, I would have cried more when I was lonely. I would have listened better to the brokenhearted and I would have consumed my time with studying, working, drinking coffee, and staying up late talking with friends instead of making some of the choices I had made. That being said, I was able to get my life back in order when I was 19 years old. I completed two semesters of Dental Assistant School, which allowed me to quickly get a job to provide for my child.

But honestly, had I had more time, I would have liked to have done things differently. Once I got married and the rest of the family came, there was no time for college, post-graduate studies or dreams. There was no time to save up, travel, and see the world. That’s what I would have done if I had more time…

Now that’s not to say I don’t love my life. For me, God was able to take my situation and make me into the person that I am today, but I had to learn through some painful lessons.

Life is hard and we will always be challenged to want more, to want better. But we need to entrust our lives to the One who knows better and knows all. He’s a good God and now on the other side of it all, after the pain and heartache I caused myself, He has restored much of what I thought I missed out on.

Embrace today, for no one knows what tomorrow holds. 🙂