Whose line is it anyway…

I have to admit that I was a bit of a late bloomer or at the very least I felt somewhat ignored by the male population in my high school days. But after I passed the city limits of my hometown  and set foot on a fairly large university campus 8 hours away from home, something  changed. All of a sudden guys were talking to me. In fact some were even asking me out… on a date. 😉 This new-found attention was mildly shocking, nerve-wracking, and pleasant all at the same time.

It was during this phase of my life that I became acquainted with the time-honored tradition of the “pick up” line. Some of the lines were flattering, creepy, and just plain awkward, but memorable none the less.

So what’s your line?

If you’ve fallen prey to this timeless dating ritual, do you have a favorite one, a memorable story to tell, or perhaps a cautionary tale?


Perhaps you were the giver, not the receiver.

Share your story in the comment section below.

One of the pick up lines that sticks out to me, from my college days, was uttered by a white radio television film major with glasses. We had some time to kill before we went on stage for a choral performance. After some mindless banter, he said,”You look like Lauryn Hill and if you told me that you sang like her, I would fall in love with you.”

I’m pretty sure awkward silence ensued, because I’m not particularly gifted in the art of  flirting. And even though I probably managed to say something, a love connection was not made between me and the RTVF guy. But I still remember this scenario and I still admire his guts 10+ years later. 🙂

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  1. Wow, that video was awkwardly funny…
    I can’t stand pick up lines, but one I have to give props to: NYC rush hour subway car, we’re packed in like sardines, and I don’t have a place to lean or a bar to hold. The door closes and the car gives a little jerk as we start off. I stabilize myself with a hand on the ceiling of the car, but not before I step on someone’s foot. I glance back and say sorry, and as I turn back, the guy says, “It’s okay. You can fall onto me if you need to.” Grinning to myself, I don’t respond, but I’m thinking that was very, very smooth. What do you think?


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