Debunking The Myth of Signs & Wonders

If you ask enough married people to tell you their story of how they met “the one”, sooner or later you will come across the old adage “you just know”.

My question is did you “just know” or is “hindsight 20/20”?

I have a sneaking suspicion that if more people were honest, it’d be the latter.  How many married people, before they met their intended, thought they would marry a previous boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? Is it possible that with the passing of time it became obvious as to why a former flame was not destined to be “the one”?

Are people doing singles a disservice by encouraging us to rely on a funny feeling before we take a walk down the aisle (or even ask someone on a date/accept a date)?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that God isn’t big enough, mysterious enough,  or whatever enough to provide a sign. But, perhaps by giving vague directives, singles are being led off course.

Perhaps it’s better to give practical advice and guidelines instead of encouraging the notions of “let your heart be your guide”.  (Jeremiah 17:9)


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  1. Nicole Taylor

     /  August 9, 2012

    Part of the issue is that of choice. People make a decision and choose to stop looking for someone else and keep what they have. Some people make bad choices. But for those who say they just know, I think it is that they know that this is the choice that they are making and going to stick with. Maybe it is more that they know themselves and based on who they are at that time with who this other person is, they do know that this is their solid choice for their mate. Knowing God, we can’t take out how he speaks to us. Some things we just know because He tells us. The thing is, when dealing with matters of the heart and mind in many cases, there is nothing that is easily qualified, quantified, or catagorized. Practical advise for these things don’t exist. Choosing a mate, a career, a church, a beautician, a doctor, it’s all the same. After all of the personallity quizzes, meeting each other’s friends and family, assessing the other person in various situations, I don’t think it can get more practical than knowing yourself and making the best choice, in the end. With God, we can know the best choice.

  2. Good points Nicole. I like what you said-“Knowing God, we can’t take out how He speaks to us. Some things we just know because He tells us.” 🙂


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