Around The Web: Boring Chrisitans

Sometimes we ascribe to the Michael Bay* approach to our Christian life. We want a flashy testimony with sky-high numbers of instantaneous results and impact.

Too often we forget that God may choose to use the quiet, mundane things in life to reflect His glory.

I was reminded of this fact, when I stumbled across the web article  We Need Boring Christians: by Andrew Byers a few weeks ago. It was a good reminder that God does some pretty amazing things with ordinary.

I recommend that you check out the article at  If you read it, let me know what you think.


*Michael Bay is a director who is known for his clichéd use of explosives in his films.

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  1. Christina

     /  September 9, 2012

    This is my favorite part: “Aching for yonder shores and longingly scanning the distant horizon may well be God’s call on our lives. But it also may be our impatience with the monotonous minutiae of the daily grind. Escapism is not fulfilling the great commission.

    Regardless of our location, abroad or at home, all ministry is inescapably local. Every worker in a global context must embrace the monotonous minutiae of a new daily grind after the plane lands—figuring out the postal service, dealing with the cell phone company, conjugating verbs in the slow and tedious study of the language. If we cannot be faithful to do our statistics homework or collaborate with our coworkers, then we may lack the strength of character required for dealing with the meticulous annoyances of a more radical life beyond the romanticized horizon.”

    Ouch! Convicting, but so true! I’m not always the calmest, most rational person dealing with problems with the cell phone carrier…but I must say I have been better lately. As Pastor Andy says “Mildred is watching.” Everyone we meet is watching our behavior. It can leave a good impression or a bad impression. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! That’s my heart breaking for all the moments I know I have disappointed God and have been a stumbling block to others.

    Lord, have mercy on us, and open our eyes, hearts and minds.


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