The IT Girl

Do not be conformed to the patterns of this world… (Romans 12:2)

You would think that I would know by now that much of the philosophies and ideologies of this culture/society run counter to principles of faith, but at times I am a slow learner. So, let’s talk about her…the “IT” girl.

From a cultural standpoint a woman’s  worth is often appraised by her ability to turn heads. In the context of popular culture, this ability is often synonymous with sexuality.

Let’s face it.  Isn’t the typical heroine in the movies, videos, magazine covers often a plane Jane, book smart, baggy clothes wearing, math & science enthusiast. No?

So what does that mean? What happens when a girl is exposed to a lifetime of messages that say that her worth and value are summed up in her ability to sexually excite?

As Christian women, should that be our aim…to sexually excite?

Furthermore, who lives “that” life? How many women in your circle of friends are constantly being hit on? Given a continuous throng of flowers? Being flown to exotic locations?

To be realistic, there are women who do enjoy quite a bit of attention.  However, is that really the experience of most women? And should that be one’s aim…motivation? Am I, are we, comparing ourselves, our romantic lives to unrealistic expectations? I mean, nobody gets the guy every single time.

Perhaps my ideologies about attraction and romance are based on the fictitious genius of Madison Avenue.  Perhaps it’s time to conform to another point of view.

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