Why Blog

I, like most people, had a tentative timeline for my life.

By age 30:

  • Go to college and graduate.
  • Become an international rock star.-No seriously, why else would I have majored in music?
  • Get married and have kids.

As you can probably guess, only one of those items got checked off the list.

(Although musical fame & notoriety has eluded me, I did get to have some cool musical jobs/adventures post-graduation.)

So here I am, 34, single, no kids. And like a number of women my age, I didn’t think my life would look like this. And like a number of women my age, there are times where this reality has been hard.

Being a single adult is a unique place to be. The older you get, the more you lose commonalities with your peers as they start to pair off and begin their own families.  In the meantime, the age gap of the people, who share the same station in life, becomes wider and wider. So at times, you can feel like you’re caught in between life stages.

When it comes to the church, unless you go to a place that has a heavy singles emphasis, you begin to become the silent minority that no one quite knows what to do with. And it doesn’t help that a large segment of the church population was married (sometimes with kids) by age 25.  Their recollections of singleness are often tinged with the carefree memories of high school/college adventures, 3 month summer vacations, and midnight study sessions at the local hangout. In short, some truly can’t relate. In addition, some don’t realize how desperately you are looking for guidance and/or how much you need someone to hear your unique story of struggles and needs.

So…some singles end up falling by the wayside, slowly, silently slipping out of congregations where they feel overlooked and neglected.  While others bite the bullet and settle for a relationship (marriage or otherwise) that’s less than ideal.

BUT…there are others who strive to make sense out of their unfulfilled longings. We are the ones who are holding out hope for the abundant life promised. We are the ones who are striving to not become jaded, bitter, or end up with a house full of cats.

So…my hope is that this blog can bridge the gap between marrieds & singles while providing hope, humor, and encouragement for all the single ladies waiting for the right one to finally “put a ring on it”. (If that’s what God intends.)

So…without further ado, comience la fiesta -Let’s get this party started. 😉

Ps. Men are welcome too.

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  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing and I’ll read along!

  2. Dena Panza

     /  May 28, 2012

    Singles do have a place in the church and every other sphere of life. No one likes slipping through the cracks…This reminds me to be diligent in opening my home and time to my single friends. They are an encouragement to me, and hopefully, I will be more of an encouragement to them.

  3. I can relate to this. I am the only of all my friends still left single, and the church I was attending was full of either young kids (college age and under) or married couples. It’s almost as if we’re in some kind of “limbo” while we wait. I’ve found blogging to be very fulfilling in the meantime. Good luck on the new blog!

  4. Christina

     /  September 9, 2012

    Great job! I’m loving this blog! 🙂

  5. Jonathan

     /  June 25, 2013

    Wonderful insight! I think the majority of singles around our age feel the same. I’ve seen it time and time again people settle. Not to say the individuals are bad people, just not the ideal like you mentioned. I look forward to this blog, and hearing the thoughts of Gods sons and daughters. My prayer is that He unite his true body, and that His sons and daughters can be joined together. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  6. Awesome blog! I found it in a moment of emotional slump and it helped soothe some concerns. Thank you for writing.

  1. Quitting Church… « Chronicles of a Single Christian Single

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